23 Mar 2019


Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Deskjet 640u printer, Version: 4.3 Printer Driver

Company: Hewlett Packard (HP)
Model: HP Deskjet 640u printer, Version: 4.3
Operating System: Windows 2000 (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)


File: 640-enu-2kinfu.exe


Hewlett Packard (HP) HP Deskjet 640u printer, Version: 4.3 Driver. This driver is designed for use on computers that will be directly connected to the printer from the computer through a USB or Parallel Cable.

Caution: The printer's cable (USB or Parallel) must be unplugged before proceeding!

Please note: This driver has no "Program Group" functionality.

Installation instructions:

Create a new folder on the hard drive: c:\dj640 before downloading the printer driver.

Download the driver to the newly created c:\dj640 folder.

Open the c:\dj640 folder and double-click the downloaded "exe" file.

Under c:\dj640\2kxpinf folder a 3 letter language folder will be displayed. For example, the English driver will display a folder named "enu". This folder was created by double-clicking on the downloaded "exe" file.

For Parallel cable users only, connect the parallel cable from the PC to the printer. To continue, go to step 8 below.

For USB users, Plug the USB cable into the printer and PC.

A Hardware Wizard screen appears, click "Cancel".

From Windows, click "Start", "Settings", "Printers".

Next, double-click "Add Printer".

When the Add Printer Wizard screen appears, click "Next".

Choose "Local Printer", uncheck "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer", and click "Next".

For USB users select "USB" and click "Next". For Parallel cable users select "LPT1" and click "Next".

To continue, click the "Have Disk" button.

Next, click "Browse" and go to the folder "c:\dj640\2kxpinf\enu\drivers\Win2k_xp". An "hpf640k.inf" file will be displayed. Select the file name and click "Open".

Click "OK" to continue. "hp deskjet 640c series" will now be found in the Printers column. Now, click the "Next" button.

If another printer driver is installed on the PC, select "Yes" or "No" to use this printer as the default printer and click "Next".

Choose "Do not share this printer" and click "Next".

Select "Yes" or "No" to print a test page and click "Next".

To complete the installation process, click "Finish". The hp deskjet 640c series printer driver will be added to the "Printers" window.

File Contents:
Length Date Time Name -------- ---- ---- ---- 26758 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpf64004.dat 15819 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpf640k.cat 4195 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpf640k.inf 86587 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpfuih04.hl_ 69597 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpz2ku04.dl_ 139276 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzcfg04.ex_ 101001 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzcoi04.dl_ 129943 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzcon04.dl_ 226176 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzeng04.ex_ 40981 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzflt04.dl_ 516477 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzimb04.dl_ 139385 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzime04.dl_ 906374 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzimp04.dl_ 626597 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzimv04.dl_ 95402 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzjui04.dl_ 64134 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzlnt04.dl_ 148081 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzntp04.dl_ 62349 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzpcl04.dl_ 167468 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzpre04.ex_ 1911999 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzr3204.dl_ 49301 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzres04.dl_ 80861 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzrpp04.dl_ 192874 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzstc04.ex_ 37041 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpztbi04.dl_ 118034 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpztbu04.ex_ 228438 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpztbx04.ex_ 89922 11-15-01 13:13 2kxpinf//enu/drivers/win2k_xp/hpzvip04.dl_ 120 11-15-01 13:13 hpsfx.ini -------- ---- 6275190 28 files

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